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Carrot Fruit Cake

There really was no winter this year in Germany. It might have snowed one day so far and to be honest with you, as soon as Christmas is over, I officially declare the winter season to be over. I am ready for spring to begin! Spring is my FAVORITE time of year!

Outside it is chilly enough to wear a jacket, but not so cold as to wear a scarf. Trees and flowers start to come out of hibernation, you can see more animals and the days are getting longer! But best of all, I have to admit, spring is the time of carrot cakes!!!

I know, there are many people out there that find the idea of putting a vegetable into cake or dessert utterly absurd, but I just loooove the combination of sweet carrots, nuts and cinnamon in a cake! And since frostings are not really a “thing” in Germany, my cakes usually do without buttercream or cream-cheese frostings (mostly due to the lack of proper ingredients and people accustomed to sweet frostings, not because I don’t like frostings. Red velvet cake and cream-cheese frosting? Heaven!). But believe me, the carrot-fruitcake I am going to show you is just as good without a layer of cream-cheese frosting (but this should not keep you from adding an inch-thick layer if you wish!). (more…)