About Me

Hi, I am Nina!

I am a management consultant by day and an avid baker by night.  When live gets too hectic, I believe that a nice slice of pie can put things into perspective.

My love of baking all things sweet and savory came from spending many hours in my grandparents’ kitchen when I was little.  During my teenage years, I was lucky enough to spend time in the US and Australia, where I was introduced to baked goods that were very different from my grandma’s cheesecake. Now that I am (almost) grown up, I spend most of my free time in the kitchen, recreating and adjusting recipes from those years, all while remaining true to my German heritage.

People say baking has more to do with chemistry rather than passion,. I strongly disagree with this, even though half of my baking experiments usually result in less than perfectly looking cakes and desserts … Nevertheless, all things coming from my kitchen usually taste great and I believe that’s really all that matters!

So please do not expect to find delicate buttercream roses, perfectly shaped muffins and photo-shopped pictures of three-tiered cakes on my blog, but rather look forward to tried-and-true cheesecakes, rustic bread mixes and one or two attempts at  representable pies.

After all, it’s always Quarter to Pie somewhere, and it is perfectly fine to be satisfied with your not-so-picture-perfect cake!

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