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Valentines Cookies

I know it is not even remotely February anymore (it’s June ….) but I still wanted to share those pretty cookies I made for Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, Valentine’s Day is not very big in Germany – at least not as big as in the US – but this didn’t keep me from preparing some delicious Valentine’s Day cutout-cookies for my beloved boyfriend. And there might have been some advantages for me in that, too …. (more…)

Homemade Granola Bars

So, how to start?

Writing my first blog entry was no easy task.

Starting my own blog was a huge task. I needed some serious persuading by friends and family to share my recipes and baking advice with the world (assuming there is even one person reading this …). Would people like what I do? Would they like my writing? Will they make fun of my word choices (I am not a native speaker you know…)? Would I get criticized for what is my most beloved pastime?

Nevertheless, I decided it was worth a shot, so here I go! Please be kind …

It is 2014! Happy New Year everyone! I bet on many new year’s resolution lists we can find things such as Eat more healthy foods (which is a great resolution!)  or Eat less chocolate (which sounds impossible, but I acknowledge other people trying to). So I figured a good way to start off my blog would be with one of my more “healthy” recipes. So homemade granola bars it is (I am going to test your resolutions soon enough. I promise!).

I will share with you the basic granola bar recipe that I use a lot and give examples of mix-ins I like to use, but please feel free to swap them for whatever suits your taste buds. Pumpkin seeds and dried papaya? Go for it! (more…)